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Jose L. Piedra

Jose L. Piedra Cigars (Cuban)

Jose L. Piedra Cigars (Cuban)

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The Wee Smoke Shop carries:

Brevas: Strength: Medium, Ring: 42 (16.67 mm) Length: 5 1/4"

This cigar delivers an earthy flavor with an excellent draw and smooth, creamy smoke.

Cazadores: Strength: MediumRing: 43 (17.07 mm), Length: 6"

This cigar offers a mildly tangy, grassy essence of young tobacco alongside a creamy coffee and woody flavor.

Conservas: Strength: Medium, Ring: 44, Length: 5 1/2"

Conservas boast a full earthy aroma extending into the flavor, featuring cedar, subtle sweetness, and pepper hints. The generous smoke initiates the experience, while the second half introduces baking spice flavors and sweet notes.

Cremas: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 39, Length: 5 1/4"

This cigar provides a gratifying smoking experience, featuring leather notes and subtle hints of coffee.

Mini: Strength: Medium-FullRing: 20Length: 3 1/4"

Commencing with a fruity tartness, the flavor gradually transforms into a more earthy and woody profile.

Petit Cazadores: Strength: MediumRing: 43 (17.07 mm), Length: 4 1/8"

Petit Cazadores presents a luxurious and earthy profile, showcasing prominent notes of cedar, leather, roasted nuts, and subtle hints of spice.

Petit Cetros: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 38, Length: 5"

The cigar exhibits a smooth draw, evolving into earthy and unprocessed, slightly pungent flavors.

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