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Guantanamera Cigars

Guantanamera Cigars

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The Wee Smoke Shop carries:

Guantanamera Cristales: Strength: Medium, Ring: 41, Length: 5 7/8"

Crafted from superb tobacco, these cigars promise to deliver the true essence of Habanos, providing an unparalleled taste experience.

Guantanamera Mini: Strength: Light - MediumRing: 20, Length: 3 1/4"

Guantanamera Mini cigars offer a compact and convenient way to enjoy the essence of Cuban craftsmanship. These small cigars feature a smooth blend of quality tobacco, providing a brief yet satisfying taste of the renowned Guantanamera flavor. Perfect for those moments when time is limited, these mini cigars encapsulate the rich heritage of Cuban tobacco in a small package.

Guantanamera Puritos: Strength: Light - MediumRing: 29, Length: 4 1/8"

Guantanamera Puritos embody Cuban heritage in a compact format, featuring a harmonious blend of premium tobacco for a brief yet flavorful experience. Crafted with unmistakable Guantanamera expertise, these small cigars offer a taste of Cuban elegance in the perfect size.

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