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Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Cigars

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Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos.

The Wee Smoke Shop carries:

Mini (20): Strength: Medium, Ring: 20, Length: 3 ¼"

Cohiba Mini cigars are a luxurious and compact choice for aficionados seeking a premium smoking experience in a shorter format. These miniature cigars deliver a rich and flavorful blend of tobacco

Short (10): Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 26, Length: 3 ¼"

Cohiba Shorts feature a luxurious blend characterized by prominent earthy notes complemented by subtle hints of spice. This results in a remarkably smooth and flavorful smoking experience.

Siglo I: Strength: Medium, Ring: 40, Length: 4"

Cohiba Siglo unfolds gradually, initiating with a mild, grassy note that swiftly transforms into a velvety, smooth woodiness. It then evolves into discernible layers of caramel and graham cracker nuances, culminating in a finish highlighted by subtle white pepper undertones.

Siglo II: Strength: Medium, Ring: 42, Length: 5"

Boasting a robust pre-light cedar fragrance, this cigar transforms during combustion, unveiling intensified notes of coffee, dark chocolate, and spice.

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