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Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley Cigars (Honduran)

Alec Bradley Cigars (Honduran)

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The Wee Smoke Shop carries:

Black Market Esteli Gordo: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 60, Length: 6"

Black Market Esteli Punk: Strength: Medium -Full, Ring: 42, Length: 4.25"

Black Market Esteli Robusto: Strength: Medium - Full, Ring: 52, Length: 5"

Black Market Esteli Toro: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 52, Length: 6"

Black Market Punk: Strength: Medium, Ring: 42, Length: 4.25"

Connecticut Gordo: Strength: Mild-Medium, Ring: 60, Length: 6"

Gatekeeper Gordo : Strength: Medium, Ring: 60, Length: 6"

Gatekeeper Toro : Strength: Medium, Ring: 52, Length: 6"

Kintsugi Robusto: Strength: Medium, Ring: 50, Length: 5''

Magic Toast Chunk: Strength: Medium-Strong, Ring: 60, Length: 4 1/2''

Magic Toast Toro: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 52, Length: 6"

Maxx Culture: Strength: Medium, Ring: 54, Length: 6"

Mira Flor Maduro: Strength: Medium, Ring: 48, Length: 5"

Prensado Robusto: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 50, Length: 5"

Project 40 05.50 Robusto: Strength: Medium, Ring: 48, Length: 5"

Shorties Chicos: Strength: Medium, Ring: 28, Length: 4"

Shorties Señoritas: Strength: Medium, Ring: 32, Length: 4.25"

Spirit of Cuba Corojo Torpedo: Strength: Mild-Medium, Ring: 52, Length: 6 1/8"

Tempus Natural Magnus: Strength: Medium, Ring: 60, Length: 6''

Tempus Nicaragua Magnus: Strength: Medium-Full, Ring: 60, Length: 6"

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