Pipes vs Bubblers vs Bongs

When choosing a smoking device, some of the most popular options may consist of a pipe, a bubbler or a bong.
Some things to consider when trying to decide which device is best for you would be:
Pipes are great for their portability and easy use. You only require the pipe itself; no additional pieces, such as a separate bowl piece or down stem are needed. As well, pipes are smaller in size and lighter compared to bongs or bubblers. This makes it perfect for walks in the park, or something to throw in your purse when you’re on the move.
Pipes tend to have a dryer, hotter smoke, due to them not requiring any water. Something to consider when selecting the right pipe for you, would be the length of the pipe. The longer the pipe is, the further the smoke is going to have to travel. This makes the use of it smoother and less hot compared to a pipe of a shorter length.
Bubblers are super similar to pipes. They tend to be a bit larger in size but still easily portable and light to carry. Bubblers are smoother to smoke out of compared to a pipe because they have a water chamber. Water is a great tool to cool and slow the smoke down, making it more smooth and less hot on your throat to use. Overall bubblers could be considered the happy medium between a bong and a pipe, as they are combined with a pipe’s portability and ease of use, with a bong’s use of water to cool and slow down the smoke for the smoothest pulls as possible.


Bongs are the smoothest device to smoke from. They require more water than bubblers and due to the size of its base, the smoke has more room to spread out before making its way up the bong’s smoke chamber. On top of that, most bongs will come with an ice catcher. These most commonly appear as small dents that can be found near the bottom of your bong’s smoke chamber. An ice catcher is another way to cool down the smoke before you inhale it for an even smoother pull.
Now that we’ve given you the basics, its time to decide what fits your needs best. You can check out our full selection of smoking supplies in the shop menu.