How to maintain a Zippo lighter

How To Fill A Zippo Lighter
A zippo lighter will require zippo lighter fluid. Once you have this, you will need to remove the lighter from its case. You can do so by simply pulling it out. Turn it over and lift the pad that is on the bottom. Slowly pour some lighter fluid underneath this pad and onto the cotton material below. You’ll know to stop filling once you see the lighter fluid reaches the top. Try to prevent overfilling your lighter as that will cause it to leak. Avoid getting skin contact with the fluid as it may irritate your skin. In the event you do get some on your skin, just wash it off immediately with some soap and water. Once your zippo lighter is filled, simply place it back in its case and ensure the lighter fluid lid is shut as it may dry out quickly.
How To Install A New Zippo Wick 
Overtime you will need to trim or replace your Zippo’s wick. A new wick is white, whereas one that has been used overtime will turn black and ashy from the carbon buildup. It is important to change your wick every so often (about once or twice a year) to ensure you’re getting the best light possible, failing to replace your wick will cause your lighter to struggle to ignite.
To begin, get some tweezers and simply pull the wick up until fresh wick is exposed. Then, with a pair of scissors, evenly cut the top off, thereby discarding the old part of the wick. Wicks are roughly 4 inches in length so after about 3 cuts or so, you will need to purchase a new wick.
To install a new wick, you will need to remove the lighter from it’s case and take out all of the lighter’s components. Such as, the flint screw, the felt pad, packing material and any remaining wick. You can then install the new wick by feeding it through the wick’s hole. You will then need to put the packing material back into the chamber, placing it on each side of the wick. Try having it so your wick will be in an S shaped pattern, ensuring the wick is submerged in the packing material. Once all the packing material is back in your lighter, reinstall the pad and screw the flint screw back on to keep it all in place. Be sure your flint didn’t fall out of your lighter during all this. Finally, you just need to evenly trim the tip of your wick and place your lighter back in its case.
How To Replace A Zippo Flint
Flints will need to be replaced more often than wicks or lighter fluid. For an average user, you may find yourself replacing flint every few weeks. To replace your flint, you will need to remove the old one. To do so, first remove the lighter from its case. With a coin or screw driver, unscrew the flint screw found at the bottom of your lighter. This screw contains a spring underneath so be cautious that it doesn’t pop out and get lost. To remove the flint itself, simply knock the lighter on a hard surface till it falls out. You can then use a paper clip to clear out anything left in the flint chamber. You can then drop your new flint inside the flint chamber and reseal the flint screw. Make sure it is tightened before putting your lighter back in the case.
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