How to refill a butane lighter

Burping / Bleeding your lighter, is when you get all the old fuel and air out before refilling it with new butane. This is done to help prevent your lighter from sputtering or flickering thus giving you the best light possible. To begin, turn down your lighter, or turn your lighter’s lock on, if you have one. This is just to prevent yourself from accidentally turning on the torch while you’re working on it. Next is to locate your lighter’s refill hole / port. This is typically found on the bottom of your lighter. Flip your lighter upside down and with a small tool, such as a pen apply pressure to the refill hole until you hear it sputtering or until you feel cold air being released. It is best to avoid sharper objects like knives in order to avoid any possible damage or scratching to the refill hole.  

Once this is done you are ready to begin refilling your lighter. With your butane, remove the cap and line the tip up with your refill hole. You are then going to flip your lighter upside down and gently push down your butane can. You should hear a hissing sound which will let you know that the lighter is getting filled. After a couple of seconds, or when you hear it sputter, release your butane. If your lighter is still not yet filled, reapply the pressure again. It may take doing this 2 or 3 times before your lighter is completely filled. A way you’ll know when it is filled, is that you’ll notice some butane begin to overfill and leak a bit from the refill hole. Simply just wipe that away and you’re all set.