How to pick a Humidity Pack

Humidity packs are a great way to keep your herbs and tobacco fresh. You may find that there are different sizes and percentages for each pack. These percentages represent the relative humidity, which will effect . Also, the sizes of each pack vary depending on the amount of cannabis or tobacco that is being stored.

At the Wee Smoke Shop, we carry packs by Boost and Boveda. To use a Boost or Boveda pack, simply unpackage it from the clear, plastic wrapping that it comes in and place it in your container or humidor.


So how do you know which one is right for you?


55% - This is the lowest percentage you can get. This percentage is too low for cigars or tobacco therefore it is most commonly used for smaller quantities of cannabis.


62% - This percentage is perfect for containing cannabis. This percentage is a little too low for cigars, however it is also common amongst those who do prefer their cigars to have a drier smoke.


69% - This percentage is perfect for containing cigars. It is a little too high for cannabis therefore it is recommended for containing cannabis if there may be air leaks in the container.


72% - Similar to 69% for cannabis, the 72% is ideal for cigars in the case that there may be any air leakage from the container.


75% - This percentage is quite high so it is mostly ever used to contain cigars if there is a sufficient amount of air leakage.

4 grams – This is the lowest size available. This size is most common for containing approximately 14 grams (half of an ounce) of cannabis, 12 grams of tobacco or one cigar.


8 grams – This size is ideal for containing 28 grams (one ounce) of cannabis, 24 grams of tobacco or 2 cigars.


67 grams – This size is good for containing 1 pound of cannabis, 2 pounds of tobacco, or 28 cigars.


320 grams – This size is ideal for containing up to 5 pounds of cannabis, 5 pounds of tobacco or 206 cigars.

It is important to have a fair understanding as to which pack you need to store your herbs and tobacco. Adding a pack too low will not provide enough moisture causing your herbs to dry out quicker. As well, adding too much moisture may cause your herbs and tobacco to mold.

These two-way humidity control packs work by balancing the moisture in the environment to prevent your herbs, tobacco, and cigars from drying out. These packs can last anywhere between two and six months, depending on the size of the pack, and the number of herbs/cigars that are being contained.