Ash Catchers

Ash catchers are one of our top recommended additions for bongs. Ash catchers create a separate chamber for your ash to fall into. This keeps your bong cleaner for longer. They are available with many different percolator styles for your choosing or even dry ash catchers.


Dry ash catchers are the staff favourite at The Wee Smoke Shop. These ash catchers effectively catch any ash that falls through your bowl without creating percolation. What does this mean? Most notably, no percolation in an ash catcher means that no dirty water will be splashing into your bong but lots of smokers prefer this style because they do not change the way your bong hits. This is especially useful for smokers who have bongs that already include percolators. Adding a percolating ash catcher to the mix may make your bong a lot harder to pull through. This is also a great choice for smaller bongs or top-heavy bongs that cannot hold the weight and size of a percolated ash catcher.

Percolated ash catchers can make a big difference to your bong. Did you purchase a bong with a loose pull, but you prefer more resistance in your pull? An ash catcher may be the perfect option for you. With so many styles of percolators to choose from you may be confused when choosing the right one for you. Take a look at our percolator guide for more information on how each percolator functions to make your decision. Percolators can add resistance to make a more comfortable hit while still holding the most important ash catcher feature. Keeping your bong cleaner for longer.


When choosing your ash catcher be sure to make note of the angle and joint size you need. Our selection includes 14mm Male 90-degree and 45-degree ash catcher or 18mm 45-degree and 90-degree ash catchers. If you require assistance with choosing the correct angle and size, reach out to us with clear images of your bong and connections joints.