What's so special about Hemp Wick?

What's so special about Hemp Wick?

At The Wee Smoke Shop we are constantly educating our customers about the benefits of using hemp wick. Our staff swear by the use of hemp wick over lighters and we think everyone deserves to know so you all can enjoy this top notch smoking experience.
Hemp wick acts as a lighter alternative. Hemp wick is created by coating hemp twine with beeswax to allow the wick to burn at a slower and steadier rate. Simply unroll or pull out the end of your wick and light it with any lighter. Then you can use the wick to light your bowls, blunts, bats, and joints. Hemp wick can be wrapped around your lighter for easy access or used directly from the roll!
Here is our list of the top 4 things that make hemp wick so special:

1. Hemp wick flames are adjustable.
Tip the wick down for a bigger flame or tip it up to slow the flame down. This is more flame control than a lot of lighters have.

 2. Hemp wick is healthier than lighters.
Most lighters on the market now are fueled with butane. Butane is a colourless gas that can be harmful for your health to inhale.

 3. Hemp wick lets you taste your herbs.
Butane tends to change the taste of what you are smoking. We have found that when using hemp wick, our hits are more flavourful and smooth. Why is this? Butane burns at a very high temperature compared to hemp wick. Different terpenes are released at different temperatures. When using a lighter, the terpenes in your cannabis which are responsible for flavour and aroma of strains, get burned off almost instantly, changing the flavour of your smoke and not allowing the terpenes to do their job.

 4. Hemp wick provides you with a better smoking experience.
Remember what we said about terpenes being burned off instantly with a lighter? What we didn’t mention is that terpenes and other cannabinoids work together to create an entourage effect. This entourage effect creates the ultimate smoking experience enhancing the benefits of cannabis and giving you an overall better high. If you are using a hot butane lighter and burning off these cannabinoids, you are affecting your high and depleting the entourage effect.

Still not convinced? Try it for yourself! Like we said at the beginning of this blog, our staff swear by this smoking method for the cleanest, smoothest, best tasting hits. 

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