How to keep the smell to yourself

How to keep the smell to yourself

Smoke has a strong scent, and whether it’s tobacco or cannabis, smoke’s scent likes to stick around. So how do we fix that?
Here at The Wee Smoke Shop, we offer a variety of different products and tools to help make your environment as smoke odor free as possible.


Odor Exterminator Sprays and Candles

Unlike your typical candle or spray, Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles and Sprays are made containing enzymes that target and attack odors rather than just masking the smell. Meaning, that instead of just adding a new scent into your environment to cover the smoke, these sprays and candles break down odors, thereby eliminating the malodor all together.
These candles and sprays come in a variety of different scents from fruity to cinnamon to floral.


Smoke Buddies

Smoke buddies are an excellent tool to prevent smoke from entering the air. They use a carbon filtering system on the inside to purify all the air that’s being blown through it. Meaning all the odor and smoke will get captured in your smoke buddy so nothing is released into your surroundings. There are three sizes of smoke buddies; Junior, Original and Mega. These buddies will last roughly 200, 300 and 400 uses, depending on the amount of smoke being blown into it. Smoke buddies are super light and portable meaning they’re easy to throw into your bag or purse. These work best for bong smokers or other smoking methods that don’t continuously burn. To use one, simply place the front of the smoke buddy up to your mouth and exhale your smoke as you would – your buddy will do the rest! No more smoke or smell!


Pot Away & Refresh Sh*t

Pot away and Refresh Sh*t are other types of sprays that we carry. Pot Away is a fragrance-free spray that targets odors and bacteria in the air, eliminating any malodor as if it were never even there. Pot Away is also chemical free and only uses water and minerals so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing pure, clean air.  Refresh Sh*t uses peppermint, tea tree and lavender essential oils to leave a fresh minty scent as it targets and sanitizes tough odors.

Smell Proof Bags and Jars

Tight Vac is a great jar choice for any stash with a strong scent. These vacuum tight jars come in a variety of different sizes to fit your herbs. They use a small button on the side of the lid to purge all the excess air out of the jar as it goes on. Tight Vac jars are not only smell proof, but they are air tight and water proof as well!

We also carry smell proof baggies which also come in a variety of sizes. The Deadbolt smell proof bags are a triple layered bag, meaning you will not be able to detect any scent. These baggies are perfect for throwing in your backpack or purse as they won’t release any odor. These Deadbolt bags are not only smell proof, but given its number of layers, they are also puncture, burst, heat and cold proof. Perfect for ultimate protection. Smelly Proof is another brand we carry of smell proof bags, like the Deadbolt, they come in a variety of different sizes and is made out of a flexible, medical grade plastic that allows for the bags to be super durable and strong. Keeping your stash safe and scent free!



Incense is a common tool used to create a fragranced smoke. Made of natural materials, incense can be burned around the house to leave a nice smell in the air. Incense comes in different forms including, sticks or cones. To use these, you need an incense holder which we carry in many different designs, and you will need a lighter. Simply ignite the tip of the cone or stick, wait a second for the flame to catch onto the incense and then blow it out. The tip should then appear amber and a trail of smoke will immediately follow and release a wonderful scent as it does. We carry many different scents for incense including some fruity, floral, and many more.
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