How to calibrate a scale

How to calibrate a scale

Calibrating a scale is essential to ensure that the scale is measuring the weight of your item correctly.
To do so, it only takes 5 easy steps.


1. Before you begin, make sure the scale is set on a flat surface in a room where there is no vibrations or heavy air flow that could disrupt the measurement. Also, make sure that there is nothing on the scale – it should be completely empty and clean.

2. Turn your scale on and wait a moment for it to stabilize. After that, it should read 0.0. If it does not, press the tare button.

3. Hold down the MODE or M button until it displays CAL flashing on the screen. This tells you that the scale is in calibrating mode.

4. Press the MODE button one more time and it should ask you for a certain weight amount. Typically, it may ask for 50 or 100 grams.


5. With a calibration weight, place the correct amount it’s asking for on the scale. It should then read PASS and you’re now calibrated scale will then be ready to properly weigh your items.
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