Dabs 101

Dabs 101


What is a dab rig: 

A dab rig is commonly known as a concentrate pipe to use concentrate, heat it and smoke it. Similar to a bong, dab rigs filter concentrate vapor through water located at the base. Lastly, why rigs are amazing instruments and differ to pipes and other water pipes is because the dab rig require flash-heating which commonly used by a butane torch.


What is flash heating:

Well in general flash meaning sudden burst and heat meaning intense heat so flash heating relates to the sudden impact of intense heat in a short period this allows for the dab to reach desired temperature without over heating or under. The standard or rule of thumb is 10 : 30 ratio for dabbing 10 lit the dab rig then 30 cool to properly vaporize until you’re satisfied with the result and vapor produced.


What is concentrate:

                 Concentrates by definition, are herbs that are concentrated from the herb itself and gives a smoother hit. It doesn’t produce as strong of odor as the herb sometimes do. Common forms and names are shatter and the wax

                 The difference between wax and shatter is that wax concentrate is translucent and fragile whereas shatter is gooey with liquid like properties.


What’s the difference between ceramic titanium/metal and glass nails/pipe parts:

                 Titanium is a metal and heats relatively quickly typically within 15 to 25 seconds and has heat retention

                 Ceramic pipe takes 30 seconds longer to heat, but they also contain heat for the longest amount of time

                 Pyrex glass comes standard with mot dab rigs Pyrex is considered least durable between the three and allow for smaller dabs rather than bigger longer lasting dabs 

Since dab rig nails have domes or can be dome-less there is also a debate as to whether domed or dome-less nails are better nails with domes are considered safer because it covers more of a surface area to reduce injury to the consumer but both do the job pretty great.


Overall, when it comes to getting a part it’s all up to preference of the consumer. Whether you would like a part to absorb heat like ceramic does, or absorb and hold heat quick like quartz. Many like the durability of titanium nails and some love ceramic heat retention.

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