Coconut vs Quick Light Charcoals

Coconut vs Quick Light Charcoals

When selecting coals for your hookah, you may come across two main kinds, coconut charcoal and quick light charcoal.


Coconut coals are a heavier charcoal. They are typically found in squares and are odorless and more eco-friendly. They don’t contain the same chemicals that can often be found in quick light charcoals, thus giving off a much better taste. Coconut coals provide and sustain more heat than quick light coals, making them last longer. They can last up to an hour and a half of use, depending how often it is being used.

To use a coconut charcoal, you will need to use a single coil stove or a coal burner to ignite them, taking about a total of 6 to 10 minutes to heat them up. Please do not use a glass stove top to heat your coals as you will risk damaging the stove. Make sure to heat each side of the coal before use.


Quick Light coals are easily lit, and can be ignited simply by using a lighter in a matter of seconds. They’ll start off with a few sparks after igniting and will be ready to use once the sparks have fully finished and the coal has turned into a grey colour. These coals can usually be found as small rounded coal patties and last roughly 45 minutes to an hour of use, depending on how often it’s being used.

Giving a small pause between pulls, allows for your coals to cool down for a second, making them last longer. This is because the more rapidly you use them, the hotter the coals will get, causing them to burn down quicker.

So now that you know the differences, you’re ready to choose which charcoal is best suited for you. The Wee Smoke Shop carries a variety of brands for both Coconut and Quick Lights coals – you can find them all under the Hookah Accessories tab on our website.
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