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E-Cig is made up of approximately Three parts: The battery Coil (heating element), and Filling tank which is used to store your desired flavour and strength of e-liquid   Re chargeable battery– battery comes in different power level to power the atomiser, starting from 350mAH and going up to 500w (E=300mAh * 5V/1000 =1.5 WH)Atomiser (Tanks) to hold e liquid- tanks come in different capacity, starting from 1.4ml and going up to 10 ml.Coil – Coils in the atomiser are the heating element that turns the liquid into vapour. These come in different variations depending on what type of tank they are...

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E-Cigarettes, E-cig, ecig, vape or Vaporizers don’t produce smoke like traditional Cigarettes but they produce VAPOUR. Vapour is a healthy and wealthy alternative to smoking. The Wee Smoke Shop carries Kangertech, Innokin Technology, Aspire, E leaf, Joytech and I bliss etc., E-Cig brands in stock. The E liquids/E-Juice we carry are made in Canada, ECTA approved; the popular brands we carry are Gold Seal , Pure Liquid and e-Splash. Some Fun facts about smoking, e-cig and Vape From 5000 BC to present people have been inhaling tobacco by lighting up their cigarette or swallowing it In 1970 the first non smoke...

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